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25 th mar. As we all know Corona messed up our lives big time. But the Rebels are not backing down.                            Noel gives a little peak of things to come...

07 th feb. Reheasels are done at the Slaughterhouse in Haarlem. It's huntingseason and we're kicking                           off on the 24th in Dronten. So bring  everybody to the Rebels start for the 2020 season and                           you can say you we're there.

24 th feb. The first release of Rebels Crazy Train. Enjoy it, like it, share it. 

                   We will release new songs for the following days. Don't miss it!

17 th feb. The promo is out and viral. Check this...

16 th feb.  Again, a storm Dennis is howling outside, but Franco is howling inside. The vocals are added,                           Noel's doing the mixing part now so the promo for all you people will be available soon. Stay                           tuned to this channel...

09 th feb. With a real thunderstom outside doing 10 bft., Jeroen and Noel layed down the bass tracks on                        our latest masterpiece. We are getting happier and more exciting every day.                                                        Next up:  madman Franco... aiaiaiaiaiai !

27 th jan.  St. Patrick shredded the studio and the guitars were added to Noel's drumtracks. 

                    Next up: Jeroen...

20th jan. Nasty Noel's made a start laying down the first drum tracks in his studio Head Village...

                 Exciting and more to come soon!



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