A  dutch Ozzy Osbourne tribute band that plays mainly the early Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath stuff. We stay truth to the original songs but of course we add our own vibe!

After all, we are Rebels of Ozz!


Wouldn't you like to know... Rebels play a metal mosaic of the classics, but we also let you hear the forgotten Ozzy gems you normally will never hear but will appreciate. You will be suprised of the show we have linged  up for you.

So you really need to come and see the Rebels live for the best Ozzy vibe around....

All aboard, hahahaha! 


Patrick Kruijer

Lead Guitarizzt

"People may know me from Angus’ and Speedchaser. I have always been a fan of Ozzy and in particular his guitarplayers. Randy is a big influence but also Van Halen, Vandenberg, Schenker, Moore, Takasaki and May. 

So that’s why I decided to play in a Ozzy band instead. We play great songs that most people are familiar with, and I still can be creative since it’s in the Ozzy vibe anyways! So yeah, to second Jeroen's words: I'm at home in this band!" 

B-day: 12th febuary

Town: Amsterdam

Franco Dieters


"I am metal to the bone and singing since the previous century.

Born in the glamrock area, grew op in the 80's decade of metal.

The Sweet, Slade, Cooper, KISS, Sabbath, Van Halen, AC/DC, Metallica and Slayer.

But it has always been Ozzy who kept me going, he wrote the soundtrack of my life.

Some previous and current bands:

Elixir, Storm Crow, Most Wanted, Guilty As Sin, Devlin, Checkin'Out.


B-day: 20th july

Town: Lisse

Jeroen van Liere


"As a bass player I'm at home in this band. For me it's a challenge and honour to support these three experienced metal beasts, giving the low end tones a boost and enjoying the powerful, sometimes underrated bass lines of Ozzy's bass players like Bob Daisley, Geezer Butler and Rudy Sarzo!"

Town: Haarlem

Noel van Eersel


Known as the drummer from Lovell’s Blade and Nembrionic.
Ozzy-fan since the start of the eighties. Also KISS, Maiden, Cheap Trick, WASP, Van Halen,

Mötley Crüe and more. As a drummer I am influenced by Eric Singer, Alex Van Halen, Eric Carr, Peter Criss and Tommy Lee. “First time I saw Ozzy was on the national television in ’83 at Pop Rock In Concert. Later I got to see him real live at Donington Monsters of Rock. That was one of my favourite shows.”

B-day: 11th november

Town: Hoofddorp

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